The Dark Side of Aestheticism

The Dark Side of Aestheticism. The long 18th century and the 19th century were periods of experiment, with a rapidly changing landscape brought about by the industrial revolution. Age old doctrines were now in question as science and innovation proved useful to the general population. Most literary theories are a response to these on-going changes. […]

TeXt CoMpaRISON: salomE

I decided to compare two versions of Wilde’s Salome and while both are based on the Lord Alfred Douglas translation, there have been changes made to the translation. The first one I got from Project Gutenberg and the second, from ProQuest Literature online. The major difference I found was the way Iokanaan’s name was spelled. […]

wOrD cLOuD

In the text mining, some words are bigger than others and that tells much about the text. The words Miller, Little Hans, said, and answered cannot help but be the biggest of all the texts since the story is told in the third person, as the Linnet is the narrator. Friendship is one of the bigger words as […]