Novel: The Third Time Chapter 1


“Go son” his father said

At that he took off running on all fours through the forest, towards the scent that attracted him the most. Interestingly enough, it was a scent he knew but couldn’t conjure up the face it belonged to, so he just ran faster, eager to see whose face it was. He could hear his father and a few other pack members running with him. It was tradition. Some pack members ran alongside the heir as support when he was to find the future Luna. His friends, Ian and Jake had also come along.

The unmated females had run into the forest ahead of time, spread out all over the Skies forest. One of them was his mate and he was going to find her.

He followed the scent, veering west as her scent grew stronger. Something white caught his eye, it was a girl resting against a tree with her back to him and Cass just knew it was his mate.

He stopped a few feet away from her and shifted. So did his father and the others.

However, when she did not turn around, Cass’s wolf was grew restless.

“Hey” he called out to get her attention.

She turned and he took in her round face and short hair. She was beautiful and just as he was about to walk towards her, he realized who it was and felt his world crumble.

It was Grace.

“Shit” his friend, Jake said seeing the dilemma.

Grace’s eyes grew wide in shock, and then changed to disgust. Utter and complete disgust.

“No” Cass whispered. It couldn’t be.

Her eyes glimmered with unshed tears and she simply turned and walked away.

Cass didn’t stop her; he didn’t have the right or courage to.

“What are you doing just standing there, go after her” he heard his father say but he couldn’t bring himself to. It would be cruel to do so.

At his silence and the look on his friends faces, it was obvious to everyone that there was more to the situation than they knew about. A mate did not just walk away from her werewolf and a male werewolf did not just watch his mate walk away from him. Their instinct and bond did not permit either scenario.

“What did you do?” his father asked but got no reply “Answer me!” he commanded and though Cass had the power to ignore the command, his friends did not.

“He broke her heart” Jake said gloomily.

“Well that’s not so bad. She can forgive him for that” his father said.

She wouldn’t because she couldn’t and it was at that moment Cass realized he had made the biggest mistake of his life. He would never be able to hold his mate in his arms like he had always dreamed about.


Cass first saw her when she walked into their Mathematics class. She was petite with short brown hair that was curved into a bob. She also had bangs that prevented him from seeing her eyes properly which for some stupid reason, he really wanted to. He immediately shifted his eyes back to his table, shocked and frankly, annoyed over his reaction to the girl.

“New girl alert” his friend Ian said. He was the playful one of the group of friends and the one who kept everyone smiling.

“Not my type” Luke, another one of his friends said. Luke was the somewhat normal one in their group, not really belonging to any particular category, at least not that Cass could tell.

“When are they ever your type” Ian replied.

She wasn’t Cass’s type either. He usually liked his women on the taller side but still, he couldn’t help but turn back and look her over as she passed a slip to Mr. Worth. The teacher said something to her and soon she was walking their way. He looked away to make sure he didn’t get caught staring at her. The last thing he needed was yet another girl thinking she could win him over. He’d had enough of that. She walked past him to sit next to some boy with big glasses. He watched as she introduced herself to him, the corners of her mouth turning up in a smile. He shifted his eyes back to the table but realized his friends were also looking the girl. But then again, so was the whole class. It wasn’t everyday a new student enrolled into their school.

One reason being, to want to live in Lorraine meant you had to be rich, considerably. The second reason being the werewolf pack Red Skies occupied Lorraine and no pack, no matter how nice, welcomed lone wolves. Lorraine was also a town situated in the middle of nowhere. Not literally, but this small town in Maine was as nowhere as nowhere could get. So when Cass’s father had announced that a new werewolf family had being accepted into their pack, naturally everyone was curious including the humans but for a different reason. And if there was one thing the two races had in common, it was curiosity.

“What do you think?” Ian asked him.

He feigned ignorance “About what?”

“The new girl obviously” said Luke, his eyes still on the girl.

Cass shrugged because he really didn’t know. She was a mystery and what made it even worse was he wanted to be the one to figure her out.

“Her hair’s too short if you ask me” Ian continued.

“Ian, women do not like to be objectified, so I would refrain from doing so as it might incur their wrath” His friend and future Beta, Jake said. He was the silent and kind type; at least that was how the girls saw him and they adored him because of it.

Ian scoffed “Give me a break, half of them have snuck into the boys locker room on more than one occasion. And I’m pretty sure Amelia and her goons have already ranked us according to our big our dicks are.” He said the word with such spite.

“That still does not permit-”

“Shut up. You sound like some shady underground monk, which is ironic since you bang the most chicks after Cass.”

That was Ian and Jake. They went at it all the time probably because their personalities were opposites in every way. Ian was the loud and unrepentant flirt while Jake had the whole silent and sweet thing going for him.

A few minutes later, the bell rang and Mr. Worth called the class to attention.

“Okay, before we begin, we have a new student” he said and immediately everyone turned to the girl. They didn’t even try to be subtle about it and Cass couldn’t help but wonder if attention made her uncomfortable. He hoped not because the student body of Cassidy High were not afraid to stare.

“Her name is Grace, let’s welcome her with open arms” Mr. Worth said but I could tell he didn’t give two whether or not we did. At that he began teaching but Cass couldn’t concentrate.


What a nice name, he thought.


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