wOrD cLOuD


In the text mining, some words are bigger than others and that tells much about the text. The words Miller, Little Hans, said, and answered cannot help but be the biggest of all the texts since the story is told in the third person, as the Linnet is the narrator. Friendship is one of the bigger words as it is the key concept in the story. The word, Wheelbarrow is also quite noticeable in the cloud, as the miller is quick to remind Little Hans that he is giving him his semi useless, broken down wheelbarrow and so he should be more than willing to do things for him to pay him back. He constantly reminds little Hans using the wheelbarrow to guilt trip Hans into doing things for him.

Friend is also quite visible, as the miller claims he is Little Han’s friend even though he willingly lets his ‘friend’ freeze during the winter even though he has a warm house and enough food. The miller also claims to be a friend when he offers up his wheelbarrow for Hans to use on his farm. However, he is unable to give Hans his lantern even though he could do without it and this is what ultimately leads to Han’s death.

Notice devoted has been rendered small compared to friend which is interesting since the title of the text is “The Devoted Friend”. Why isn’t devoted just as large as friend or friendship and ratherin tiny print. This is because when reading the story, we soon realize that the miller is not as devoted as he claims to be. He is anything but a friend talk less of a devoted friend. The miller is more of a extortionist evident by how large wheelbarrow is compared to devoted. He uses that word to force Little Hans to do his bidding. Moving forward, words associated with Hans are not very visible. Garden, flowers etc. are small compared to other things.

The bigger words seen in the cloud prove the hypocrisy of the miller. It shows the true character of the miller and what he really values such as friendship and his wheelbarrow. It also show, with the smaller text, things that he does not value. The miller is not devoted, and cares more about himself till the very end.


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